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About Us

For over two decades    EEYCS has continued to grow and has expanded its program to include learning podcasting, media production, film, photography, as well as business development and digital marketing strategies.  


Programs offered at EEYCS are led by professional artists, creatives and educators, and are designed to expand creativity, knowledge and social awareness. Through the programs offered at EEYCS, youth not only excel as artists and creatives, but also gain confidence and leadership qualities that permeate into other areas of their lives.  Students who have participated in programs at EEYCS have gone on to careers within media production and music, as well as careers within the medical, educational, law and tech fields.  



With so many challenges facing the youth today, EEYCS would like to provide a creative and conducive environment for youth development and growth, therefore our programs at EEYCS are offered completely free, at no cost. We believe that by giving everyone an opportunity to succeed, we will be creating a better future for our local and global communities.

EEYCS is currently based in Uniondale, NY at 800 Jerusalem Ave.  Please consider visiting our donation page and making a contribution to help us expand our locations and staff! 



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