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The program

The Media Production Program is a fully immersive experience for high school students ages 15 - 18 where students engage in real-time podcast production, film editing, music production, and more. Through this program, participants will develop skills in areas ranging from music production to film editing


Students will meet two to three times a week and engage in several projects which include hosting regular podcasts, producing and editing original music and film, as well as engaging in and learning digital marketing.


The Media Production Program will provide students with opportunities to engage with and interview real actors, artists, and musicians, as well as expose students to various ways to gain employment opportunities and monetize the skills they learn and develop through the program. All activities will be facilitated by our program coordinator.


While students will learn various skills while working on various projects, each individual participant is welcome to focus on a specialty. The Media Production Program will focus on these four media skills: 

Students will learn how to set up and host a podcast using the latest technology available.  This includes mic and headphone set up, operating a mixing board, mixing podcast vocals,  synching audio with video, and more.  Once students are familiarized with set up and operation, students will host regular podcasts and live streams. 

Students will develop and learn how to make their own music and songs using professional music equipment and digital software.  This will include songwriting, audio engineering and mixing, and learning how to use digital instruments and music software.

Students will develop and learn basic video and photo editing skills.  Students will be responsible for video recording and editing  podcasts and short films, as well as taking still images to use for digital content creation.

Students will learn how media and digital content can be monetized through platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, including how payments are calculated and collected, as well as music distribution and digital marketing strategies. Students will learn about various career paths and opportunities within the media industry, and will also be responsible for regularly maintaining the EEYCS blog and social media pages. 

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